10 Years of Courage, Resistance,
and Learning for Change

Radical right-wing, nationalist, xenophobic, and racist movements are increasingly exercising power in every country in Europe. These movements are connected across the globe, sharing tools, and developing a common worldview. We are in danger of losing our democratic institutions–and democracy itself.

At the same time, our communities are fighting back. We are coming together, organizing, developing and mobilizing. At this year’s CPU we will analyze both who and what we are up against, and we will cultivate our own worldview of the society we want. And of course, as we celebrate our 10 year anniversary this year, we will draw lessons and hope from our own stories of courage and resistance! Join us!

The themes for this year’s CPU will include:

Learning with critical pedagogy to increase dialogue, sharpen our analysis, and expand our movement.

Understanding democracy as a trade: we learn by doing, and we must do it every day.

Leading with hope in times of fear.

Fighting the radical right on the ground: organizing in working class and marginalized communities, developing our networks.

Check back soon for more updates about CPU 2019!