09 04

Making social changes in local communities

Com­mu­nity orga­ni­zing is “Com­mu­nity organ­is­ing for me is the nicest way of being radi­cal. A met­hod that only by its rules rec­rea­tes a bet­ter democ­racy for all that are in it and for all affec­ted by it. A met­hod that makes tho­se who are invol­ved cri­ti­cal, open mind­ed, cap­ab­le of sha­ring know­ledge, expe­ri­en­ces, think­ing and acting as a gro­up.” says one com­mu­nity orga­ni­zer. The hand­book is the result of a joint eff­ort of Bul­ga­ri­an, Polish, Hun­ga­ri­an, Slo­va­ki­an orga­ni­sa­tions, gui­ding the reader thro­ugh the pro­cess of com­mu­nity orga­ni­zing and pro­vi­ding many use­ful tips.