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The Water Coalition is for a safer piped water for everyone

Víz Koalíció
Water Coa­lit­ion befo­re the Parliament

The Water Coa­lit­ion is a Hun­ga­ri­an orga­ni­za­ti­on, in which con­cer­ned civil orga­ni­za­tions, muni­ci­pa­li­ti­es and trade unions work toget­her to map and imp­ro­ve the water situ­a­ti­on in Hungary.

The Coa­lit­ion was crea­ted by the ini­ti­a­tive of civil orga­ni­za­tions thanks to the com­mu­nity orga­ni­zing prog­ram of the Civil Col­l­e­ge Foun­da­ti­on. The “mother” of the col­la­bo­ra­ti­on, And­rea Homo­ki, and the “father” Ist­ván Szu­lovsz­ky, both are com­mu­nity orga­ni­zers of the CKA.

The mem­bers of the Water Coa­lit­ion are civil com­mu­ni­ti­es, muni­ci­pa­li­ti­es and trade unions that have noti­ced the inc­re­a­singly seri­o­us water prob­lems in the­ir loca­li­ti­es or pro­fes­sions and joined for­ces to find solu­tions. The amor­ti­zed sta­te of the piped pot­ab­le water net­work has been a seri­o­us prob­lem in seve­ral sett­le­ments for years. Seve­ral stu­di­es warn that the sta­te of water uti­lity sys­tems is gett­ing wor­se due to the lack of recon­struc­ti­on. The popu­la­ti­on mostly per­ce­i­ves the dete­ri­or­a­ti­on of the piped pot­ab­le water net­work  thro­ug­ho­ut the country.

Let’s fin­ally pour cle­an water into the glass!

* Our aim is to reve­al and pre­sent the prob­lems of the sec­tor, the­ir pos­sib­le con­se­qu­en­ces and cur­rent effects, as well as to prompt deci­si­on-makers to take acti­on. They must crea­te the con­di­tions for a sus­ta­in­ab­le ser­vi­ce, sin­ce access to cle­an, safe piped water is our fun­da­men­tal right. The Water Coa­lit­ion is an orga­ni­za­ti­on inde­pen­dent of par­ty poli­tics, we do not con­duct cam­pa­ign acti­vi­ti­es in rela­ti­on to any par­ty, but as a civil asso­ci­a­ti­on rep­re­sent­ing a pub­lic cau­se, we dec­la­re that we can con­duct neg­o­ti­a­tions with any poli­ti­cal orga­ni­za­ti­on for the sake of our cau­se. With the Water Coa­lit­ion, as a first step we laun­ched the “Cle­an water in our glas­ses!” cam­pa­ign to imp­ro­ve the water service. 

The Water Coa­lit­ion orga­ni­zed a week-long event on the occas­ion of the World Water Day, called Water Week of Water prog­ram series.

The mem­bers of the Coa­lit­ion also went to the par­lia­ment to per­su­a­de the rele­vant deci­si­on-makers to deal with this problem.

You can meet them at the Reuni­on of Hun­ga­ri­an Com­mu­nity Orga­ni­zers from July 4 to 5 in Kunbábony.

Fol­low the Face­book page of the Water Coa­lit­ion (in Hungarian)