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Organize and Get Organized! — Community Organizers Analyze the Community Organizing Process and Their Issues Won (2017–18)

Succ­ess­fully figh­ting for a govern­ment mea­sure imp­ro­ving the lives of tens of thou­sands of people loo­king after the­ir sick rela­ti­ves at home. Huma­nely gett­ing rid of stray dogs ter­ro­ri­zing a hous­ing est­a­te. Demo­lit­ion of a dere­lict buil­ding, and find­ing a solu­ti­on to the hous­ing prob­lem of its inhab­it­ants. Mak­ing the met­ro bar­ri­er free, stop­ping evic­tions, and sav­ing plenty of tre­es. It is impos­sib­le to enu­me­ra­te what can be achi­eved thro­ugh grass­ro­ots ini­ti­a­ti­ves that work using com­mu­nity orga­ni­zing met­hods. Inde­ed, on can hardly assess all that our com­mu­ni­ti­es have achi­eved during a one-year prog­ram sup­port­ed by the Open Soci­ety Ini­ti­a­tive for Euro­pe (OSIFE), but we will nevert­he­less give it a try in the form of this pub­li­ca­ti­on. And, of cour­se, the abo­ve examp­les are all out­co­mes of our ext­remely fru­it­ful 2017–18 prog­ram year.

Bes­ides our issues won, we also pre­sent our struggles, minor and major achi­eve­ments, or even fai­lu­res, to demonst­ra­te that the­re is no grea­ter power — or sho­uld we say will­po­wer — than that tho­se directly affec­ted by an issue can exhi­bit. Given the neces­sary finan­cial and pro­fes­si­o­nal sup­port, they can achi­eve almost anyth­ing. Our com­mu­ni­ti­es pre­sen­ted, the­ir eff­orts and succ­es­ses can be ins­p­ira­ti­o­nal for anyone who feels they are part of a mino­rity or are mem­bers or sup­port­ers of vul­ne­rab­le gro­ups, but also for tho­se simply want­ing to make the­ir closer/broader envi­ron­ment more liv­ab­le. We do not aim to pre­sent the depths of our com­mu­nity orga­ni­zing app­ro­ach or the uni­que­ness and comp­le­xity of our met­hods, but to pro­ve that com­mu­nity acti­on and advo­cacy can be power­ful and succ­ess­ful even aga­inst the grea­test of head­winds. Civil Col­l­e­ge Foun­da­ti­on Staff

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